Top On-Demand App Ideas for Startups in 2023

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With around 4.67 billion mobile and internet users and 230 billion mobile app downloads in 2021, mobile apps have inexorably merged into our daily lives.

It has covered everything from booking cabs, flights, movie tickets, food delivery, and grocery delivery to tracking meditation, fitness, healthcare, medicine delivery, insurance, dating, and other services.

The market for mobile apps is massive and expanding at an incredible rate. As a result, businesses must develop strategies to break into this sizable market and stand out from the competition.

There are numerous methods to stand out, yet developing original concepts that have yet to be thought of might be challenging.

This post outlines 15 different mobile app ideas for your business in 2023 that you may not have considered before! Keep reading to learn about those unique mobile app development ideas in detail.

Top-notch on-demand app ideas for startups in 2023

1. IoT-Based Logistics and Transportation Apps

According to, the worldwide logistics market is anticipated to be valued at $12,975.64 billion by 2027. That demonstrates how significant the transportation and logistics sectors are.

The internet of things has the potential to transform the logistics sector completely. An IoT-based logistics delivery app will become an essential component of any transportation company. And would determine the success of your business. The app will aid in route optimization, prompt dispatch, and on-time delivery.

Additionally, this can allow consumers to track their shipments, get real-time updates from dispatchers, and provide feedback after delivery.

2. On-Demand Medical App

A mobile app that allows doctors and patients to communicate remotely is highly desired these days. According to 2017 estimates, the market for on-demand doctor apps is worth 2.4 billion dollars. That amount is anticipated to increase to almost 11 billion dollars by 2025.

The doctor Appointment Booking App can assist patients in scheduling appointments with doctors directly without any hassle. As an added convenience for record maintenance, doctors can upload the prescription to the app.

3. An App for On-Demand Salon Management

A mobile app that assists with salon management could be a game-changer if you work in the beauty industry. Applications for on-demand salon management make it easier to run salons, from scheduling appointments to handling client information.

Given the beauty industry’s explosive growth and the abundance of services and products available for purchase, this is one of the most excellent apps to create in the upcoming year. And to increase profits even further, small businesses can partner with beauty service providers to offer their customers exceptional discounts when ordering multiple or repeat items and services.

4. An App for Restaurant Management

We all have that one table in the restaurant that we love. And for that reason, the app has been included in a list of innovative app concepts.

The app offers a graphical interface for city cafes and restaurants, enabling users to make table reservations. It will reserve their preferred choice table for a short while. In addition to customer reviews and restaurant ratings, users of this app would be better able to have a well-rounded experience by knowing which establishments offer good service.

It will save them time and get them to the desired place, which is the icing on the cake for users and business owners.

5. Pregnancy Tracking and Assistance App

Pregnancy is a precious and unforgettable period in a woman’s life but it can also be a little overwhelming. This is where a pregnancy monitoring and support app might be helpful!

This app would assist expectant moms in tracking their pregnancy development as well as provide valuable suggestions and information on topics ranging from prenatal care to delivery.

This kind of tool could link users with other pregnant women so they can provide and receive support from one another.

6. App for Real-Estate Buying & Selling

The recent epidemic has resulted in an increase in the number of persons purchasing and selling property online. This has created a demand for an online real-estate purchasing and selling app. Users of such an app could explore listings and list their properties for sale from the convenience of their own homes.

The app would also give users information on local housing prices, schools, crime statistics, and other critical things to consider when buying or selling a home.

However, to build this type of app, you must use the cross-platform app development framework. So that your app could efficiently work on multiple platforms. And the simplest method to accomplish this is to take help from a professional mobile app development company to build a cross-platform application.

7. An AR-Based App for Interior Design

Why not give AR-based interior design a shot if you’re seeking a cutting-edge mobile app development concept? Startups hoping to make a splash in the home design industry would love this new trend. Consequently, it might be one of the best app ideas for entrepreneurs in 2023!

This app lets users change their spaces utilizing cutting-edge web-based tools and augmented reality technologies. And users can set an excellent design for their home simply by swiping the screens. All of this without even getting off the couch!

8. App for Online Language Translation

Creating an online language translation software is a terrific on-demand app development idea for entrepreneurs.

This concept would be ideal given how globally interconnected the globe has become. Users of this app could put out what they wanted to translate into any other language or choose from a list of pre-determined languages.

After that, the translator would translate it back to the text and show it to the user in real time!

9. App for Flower Delivery

On-demand flower delivery apps are becoming increasingly popular since they are simple to use and convenient. It works like this: You order flowers online, and they show up at your house or place of business within an hour or two (usually). Even though the flowers are typically fresh, some services let you select from the same bouquets that nearby florists offer.

You can also use your creativity to personalize the arrangements by including things like handwritten notes or pictures of loved ones who want to offer their condolences.

10. A Tenant Locator and Communications App

It would be more straightforward for tenants and landlords to communicate if there was a tenant locator and chat app. Those who are renting out their apartments will find potential tenants and look through the many profiles to find the one that best suits their requirements.

Tenants can use the app to pay their rent and file formal complaints about the property or needed maintenance.

11. App for Warehouse Management

The majority of warehouse operators desire to increase their visibility. They want to monitor their material flow, product entry, movement inside the distribution center, and product exit.

It is difficult for them to run the business, boost production and efficiency, and attract more clients.

With the help of an app similar to a warehouse management solution, intralogistics owners can effectively manage every aspect of their business. And also streamline their inbound, operational, and outbound processes, and receive accurate reports that they can use to analyze and plan their next steps in customer service.

12. An App for Ordering Household Services

Such an app might organize all housekeeping services and suppliers on a single platform according to their popularity, customer satisfaction, and budget. Consequently, customers could order and even schedule everything they needed to do around their homes-from cleaning and dusting to mowing and landscaping-in one spot, saving time, effort, and money.

13. Apps for Trading Cryptocurrencies

The newest development in the industry is the cryptocurrency exchange app. Users can use this app to purchase and trade bitcoins while on the go. Additionally, it offers comprehensive details on each coin’s pricing history.

The cryptocurrency exchange app provides a convenient way to trade digital currencies anytime and anywhere. As a result, the app has gained much traction among traders who wish to profit from cryptocurrency investments.

14 Apps for Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a method for obtaining financial support for a project or causes from a large number of individuals. In this instance, we’re referring to the blockchain, which powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Crowdfunding is growing in popularity due to its capacity to raise money for brand-new ventures, products, or even charitable causes. There are three crowdfunding strategies: donation-based, reward-based, and equity-based. Blockchain technology can be used in all three of these strategies since it provides investors with transparency and security.

15. An App for Book Delivery

The concept behind on-demand book delivery services is straightforward: you don’t have to visit a bookstore or library to obtain the book you want. Instead, simply download the app then place an order. The delivery service will have it at your front door within an hour or a day.

Although there are other ways to execute this type of service, the fundamental idea is the same: you may use it from any device, anytime, and anywhere, including your phone.


That concludes our list of the Top 15 Mobile App Ideas for Startups in 2023. With this list in hand, you can select any of these ideas to turn 2023 into a dazzling year for your business.

However, other ways exist to develop your mobile app and build a prosperous business beyond these suggestions. Considering that the primary goal of developing an app is to grow your business. It is therefore recommended to pick a difficult one so that you can appeal to a specific clientele.

You can construct your own app using any of the inventive app ideas listed above or use them as inspiration for new ones. And take your business sky-high through it.

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