11 Remarkable Mobile Apps Built With React Native Framework

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People have acclimated to new technologies and lived advanced lifestyles throughout the past decade. Our desires and demands have evolved as a result of all these technologies becoming more and more ingrained in our daily lives.

Even in the development of mobile apps, these demands are having a big impact. And to fulfill these demands, there are many mobile app development frameworks in the market. But among all of the React Native is the best platform for building cutting-edge mobile apps. Because. it is used by 38% of the developer community worldwide in 2021.

With this high demand, React native is filling in gaps in the present app development needs. And enables the React Native App Development Company to provide a greatly enhanced user experience for their product. Besides, being cross-platform, all apps created using React Native also take less time to create.

So, in this article, we will examine the most popular apps made with react native technology as well as the benefits of the technology. If you want to create your own react native app, this article can be a useful resource for you.

But first of all, we’ll see the benefits of using React Native as a primary app development technology.

Benefits of Building Apps Using React Native

React Native is a popular framework for building mobile apps that allow developers to use the same codebase for both iOS and Android platforms. Some benefits of using React Native include:

  1. Cross-platform compatibility: React Native allows developers to write code once and run it on both iOS and Android, saving time and resources.
  2. Faster development: React Native uses a virtual DOM, which allows for faster updates and rendering, resulting in faster development times.
  3. Strong developer community: React Native has a large and active community of developers, which means there is a wealth of resources and support available.
  4. Native-like performance: React Native apps can access native modules and APIs, giving them a performance similar to that of native apps.
  5. Reusable code: React Native’s reusable components make it easy to reuse code across different parts of the app, making development more efficient.
  6. Hot Reloading: Hot Reloading feature allows you to see the changes you made in the code immediately without losing the current state of the app.

To avail of these benefits and get the most out of the framework, hire React Native developers to help you assist in your next app-building project. Now, let’s move forward to know the top 11 apps built with React Native.

Top 11 Most Famous Applications Built Using React Native Framework

1. Bloomberg

Bloomberg is an international business and financial news website. Prior to deploying React Native, the company’s development team experienced delays because it took a long time to create and update apps for both Android and iOS.

Bloomberg’s developers used React Native to streamline and speed up the creation and upgrading of apps. The company was able to easily rebuild its new consumer mobile app for iOS and Android using React Native.

Furthermore, Bloomberg was able to incorporate automated code refreshes, ensuring that users always receive the most recent updates when they open the app.

2. Facebook

React Native was created by Facebook, which also used it to create its app. In all honesty, it would be worrying if they didn’t use the framework for their own applications.

React Native was used exclusively in the development of Facebook Ads Manager, an easy-to-use tool for managing adverts for both individuals’ and businesses’ products.

Although it is cross-platform, it accommodates various date formats, time zones, currencies, and ad formats. It offers a wonderful user experience thanks to its clear layout, straightforward navigation, and intuitive UX. Even the animations and transitions are first-rate.

3. Uber Eats

What began as a way for willing consumers to get from point A to point B without paying the usually high charges of a yellow cab quickly advanced into a novel manner of moving food from point A to point B.

Or to put it another way, Uber Eats is a delivery service like Seamless or DoorDash. React Native is only responsible for the existence of a minor portion of the UberEats app, specifically their dashboard.

However, it significantly improves the UI/UX for consumers. The application needed a dashboard for a restaurant with features like sound and push notifications. Since their team has hands-on expertise with React, building the app with React Native was an excellent idea.

4. Discord

Discord is a well-known example of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in the workplace. VoIP is simply internet-based digital communication. Discord allows friends and more frequently entire communities to connect over the internet via voice, text, or video.

It is completely free and is largely used by gamers. The Discord app for iOS and Android now shares 98% of its code thanks to React Native, which is a fantastic illustration of how React Native can aid in cross-platform app development.

5. Instagram

Unlike Facebook, Instagram’s core mode of operation is digital photographs, with the occasional short video.

In 2016, Instagram began seriously considering moving to Reactive Native. Though integrating React Native with current technology was difficult at first, they are now able to introduce features more rapidly and easily manage both iOS & Android app versions.

React Native has simplified Instagram’s maintenance routine and integrated features such as push notifications, an appealing user interface, faster shipment, increased developer speed, and more. In addition to having a greatly streamlined view and user experience as a result of this technology, Instagram also allows for code sharing between iOS and Android devices.

6. Tesla

There is no need to introduce the well-known electric vehicle company, Tesla. To create its mobile application for both Android and iOS, the company used React Native.

The main functions of the app are monitoring the charging process, checking the cooling and heating of the car, locking or unlocking, diagnosing, finding your car, or tracking its location, and others. The company was able to produce a native-like appearance for its Android and iOS apps thanks to React Native features.

7. Pinterest

Another well-known example of a React Native-built app is Pinterest, a website where you can find ideas for all aspects of your life. Pinterest has incredible ideas on a variety of themes, from home decor to health advice and business inspiration.

Pinterest has chosen React Native to share code between its iOS and Android apps.

It took about ten days to implement React Native on iOS. The team was able to implement the same for Android in just two days, with 100% identical UI code between both platforms. This allowed the business to cut setup time by nearly a week.

8. Gyroscope

Gyroscope is a remarkable app that helps users achieve their health-related goals, such as weight loss, improving general health, getting a good night’s sleep, and enhancing productivity.

With the aid of React Native, Gyroscope is even able to provide suggestions for further courses of action, such as nutrition regimens, exercise routines, rest schedules, etc. There is a smooth interaction with HealthKit to track steps, heart rate, meditation exercises, and other activities to display the client’s whole well-being profile.

With faster development speed, there is a complete report that exhibits vital information on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Further, React Native makes it simple to integrate various applications and devices.

9. Walmart

A Fortune 500 juggernaut requires no introduction. The Walmart app, in particular its online system, has a lot to offer. However, React Native plays a key role in providing Walmart with a lot of its benefits.

The majority of the Walmart app’s code is interchangeable between the iOS and Android versions. As a result, development expenses and efforts have decreased.

With the support of React Native, their mobile app has provided clients with a more adaptable experience. App performance has improved, and a native-like experience is now available with the secure payment option Walmart Pay.

10. Myntra

Myntra is a well-known brand in the world of fashion and online shopping, notably in India, for clothing and lifestyle products. It provides the best user experience, safe and reliable shopping deals, and anything else a customer may want.

React Native has significantly aided Myntra in showcasing a gorgeous catalog of products, placing orders, exhibiting profiles, an appealing user experience and design, and so on.

The application uses React Native extensively on the majority of its iOS and Android interfaces. Myntra has been leveraging this technology to revamp its applications since React Native started to facilitate bulk scaling.

11. Shopify

Shopify, one of the major eCommerce platforms, powers some of the world’s most recognized brands, like Taylor Swift, Kylie Cosmetics, and Allbirds.

Shopify started experimenting with React Native technology with three distinct teams deployed for three apps: Compass, Arrive, and Point of Sale. They discovered several wonderful things about this framework from the experiment.

They predicted that iOS and Android would only share 80% of their code, while the actual results were 99% (Compass) and 95%. (Arrive).


React-Native is the greatest solution to build cross-platform apps if you’re thinking about marketing your company through mobile applications.

React-Native apps are robust, effective, and cutting-edge that let businesses reach out to new clients from all around the world through mobile platforms. Plus, They are quick, efficient, and reasonably simple to master for JavaScript developers.

Thus, hire a premium React Native App Development Service provider if you want to design an app utilizing React Native framework.

Windzoon has a team of highly competent developers who specialize in designing industry-specific bespoke mobile apps with React Native.

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